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The Fall '15 edition features our cover gal Amber Closson and her hunt for an old bruiser of a whitetail called "Hank the Tank". It is a story about changing tactics when our usual routines aren't producing. The result is an exciting finish to a frustrating season...


Shawn McKinnon anchors a monster mulie after 21 days of hard hunting. 224 inches of antler is the reward. Robyn McKean catches up to a 200 inch whitetail he named Goliath. You will see why that name fits! As well, follow along on a British Columbia elk hunt where three tough hunters take giant bulls on a hunt that we can all dream about. With many more stories of amazing hunts and huge bucks this edition will get everyone fired up to chase down their own trophy animals.


Get ready to see an epic tale of a young Alberta hunter who has taken whitetails that would weaken the knees of most veteran hunters. This young man has ice-water running through his veins. His success to date is amazing. Also see more of the biggest, baddest bucks from across North America taken in the 2015 season...

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