In this issue of Big Buck Magazine

Filled with world-class whitetails and mule deer...

• A Saskatchewan Giant
• Scoops: An Alberta Monster
• Wisconsin, Big Buck Haven
• Big Nasty
• Buckzilla
• Manitoba Giant
• A Place Called Death Valley
• The Baron
• Top Notch (203 1/8 typical mule deer)


Our Next Issue: The Spring issue will again be filled with huge whitetails and mule deer. We have some very impressive Boone and Crockett whitetails to show you along with some enormous high-scoring mule deer. Big Buck Magazine has been bringing you the biggest bucks across North America for 27 years now and this issue picks right up from the last exciting issue you have received. We have showcased more young hunters along with female hunters than any publication out there and the Spring issue will feature more of their accomplishments. You will see more wildlife photography by Garry Donald as he travels across the country capturing the biggest bucks on camera. Don’t miss this issue with its superb stories and amazing photo back-up, all in a high-gloss presentation that sets the industry standard. Get your subscription today!

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About Big Buck Magazine

Big Buck Magazine is published four times a year for avid deer hunters across North America. It captures the essence of deer hunting for the year-round enthusiast. What is different about this publication is the approach it has taken since the first edition back in July of 1987. First of all, the amount of advertising is limited. This way the readers can enjoy more stories and photos. In fact, we average 21 stories and an impressive 90 colour photographs, all on high gloss paper. Our winter, spring and summer issues each have 80 pages of colour. Our big fall issue has 96 pages and features many of the top trophy bucks taken in the previous hunting season.

Each issue is filled with gigantic whitetails and mule deer from across Canada and the United States. We are proud to say the majority of the stories are from the hunters themselves, and our readers really seem to appreciate that.

Shed hunting is also a very popular sport and seems to be growing each year. I am happy to say, here at Big Buck, we run colossal sheds in nearly every issue. It doesn’t seem to matter if they are from Alberta or Kansas, our readers can’t get enough of these huge chunks of bone.

Wildlife photography is another feature in Big Buck. For the last 24 years, many impressive bucks, in their natural habitat, have graced our pages. So if you are tired of looking at advertising, or flipping pages to find the rest of the story, come on board with us. It will be a ride you will enjoy from the front cover to the last page.