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Our Winter issue kicks off 2015 with one of the largest whitetails harvested in North America during the recent 2014 season. Hear how veteran Iowa hunter Kyle Falck went to Plan B after his target buck was killed by another hunter. Put yourself in the treestand with Kyle as his monster buck closes the distance... two more steps...

Cover Story: The Kyle Falck Buck: An Iowa Giant Non-Typical Whitetail
• One of the Heaviest Antlered Mule Deer Ever Harvested
 • Alberta Booners
 • Saskatchewan Trophy Whitetails Including a 230 inch Non-Typical Called Rhino
 • An Ohio monster Worth The Drive!
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Spring brings the promise of a new year's growth. However Big Buck isn't nearly done showcasing what last year's growth was all about with some of North America's best bucks. Don't miss our Spring 2015 issue where we follow bowhunter, Lyndon Hicks on his three year quest to take one of the largest typical whitetails in North America.
Also we have a young, up and comer hardcore hunter who arrowed an amazing 230 inch non-typical mule deer. Read how he and his posse located and harvested this giant buck.
With over 20 stories in the issue there are many amazing adventures behind the front cover.

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